300 signed and numbered by the artist,  Print Size 25" x 19 1/2"  Image Size 2 1/4" x 15 3/4"

The Scandinavian Lynx is regarded as one of the most hansome members of the cat family, and is characterized by its large ear tufts, long legs and heavy paws. Its lustrous reddish hued winter coat make it an attractive target for trappers and hunters in the northern forested areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland. Traditionally, sheep farmers and reindeer herdsmen have been unfriendly to the lynx, believing that it preys on lambs and deer fawns. The principal diet of this beautiful feline is wild hare, mice and the occasional game bird. The lynx is an agile climber and spend much of its time on limbs of trees waiting for terrestrial birds to pass beneath.

In this painting, I portrayed the lynx relaxed in the security of a cave, but the concentration in his eyes depicts its relentless quest for prey; thus survival.

Printed from a Pastel Painting   Published by the Artist   Printed in Canada

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Woodland Watch • Scandinavian Lynx • $100.00