Feline Sanctuary • Canada Lynx • $100.00

300 signed and numbered by the artist,  Print Size 25 1/2" x 19"  Image Size 22" x 15"

This elusive cat remains quite numerous the in Canadian North, but because of its shy secretive nature it is seldom seen close to the presence of man. The Lynx is a stout-bodied animal with exceptionally long legs and large heavy paws, thus enabling it to climb with ease over most covered rocks and logs. During rain storms or misty inclement weather, they will live and shelter in caves or among fallen timber.

In this painting the cat sits under some broken trees, which form a natural sanctuary where it patiently awaits an unwary snowshoe hare to venture within striking distance.

Printed from a Pastel Painting   Published by the Artist   Printed in Canada

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