Campbell River Collies • Border Collies • $100.00

450 signed and numbered by the artist,  Print Size 32 5/8" x 23 1/8"  Image Size 27 5/8 " x 17 1/8"

The original ancestors of the collie were from Scotland and eventually cross bred with sheepdogs brought to Britain during the Roman conquest. The border collie is now bred for its sheep-herding abilities and for this reason it is admired throughout the world. It is a sensitive anxious to please dog which grows deeply attached to its owner and family showing particular affection to children.

The painting: during a visit to Campbell River, my friend "Scotty" Stewart, who is well known for his knowledge and training of border collies, decided to feed the latest litter. They slipped their heads through the spars of an old gate as he passed by and their facial expressions reflected such affection that the moment had to be captured.

Printed from a Pastel Painting   Published by the Artist   Printed in Canada

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